Figure It Out

in Persistence

If at any point in life, you say:

– This is too hard
– It’s too much work
– I can’t figure it out
– I don’t know what to do
– I can’t decide which way to go

Realize that: This is your job! Your job is to figure it out.

The whole point of life, the whole reason why you’re playing this game, is to figure it out.


When you play a virtual game, and you face a particularly tough level, what do you do?

You figure it out.

You know that the levels of the game are coded in such a way that you can win. You’re confident there’s a solution to the game’s challenges, so you persist.

What if we apply the same attitude to the game of life? What if we assume that there is a way to get to your goal, no matter how many setbacks and challenges you might face on your way there?

Would you play your life-game differently? More confidently? Would you persist to a greater degree, even when you’re facing a particularly tough challenge? Would you give it your all?

Knowing that with enough time & persistence you can achieve what you want is the difference between going the distance or giving up. In this mental state, you are not focused on how long your goal will take. You know it’s achievable, and you commit to pursuing it for as long as it takes to get there.


I challenge you to adopt this attitude for whatever goal you may have.

If you want to earn $10,000 / month in passive income — assume that there is a 100% possibility of achieving that goal. Assume that within your life-game’s parameters, you have all the resources, people, and skills needed to achieve your goal …or, that you will FIND the people and LEARN the skills needed.

If you want to transform your body — realize that there is 100% possibility of improving the fitness and aesthetic of your body. Millions of others have done it before you, and many more will do it after you.

If you want to become a film director — assume that there is 100% possibility of you achieving this goal. That given enough time, persistence, skills, learning, connections, people… you will absolutely get to your goal.

What’s the alternative?

It may seem more practical to delude yourself that there are no such guarantees in life, but that isn’t true, is it? For nearly any goal you have, you can plainly see that other people have gone out and achieved it. Many of them probably had less resources that you did.

What’s holding you back? What challenge seems too complex, too tough, too difficult to tackle?

Assume that there is a way to tackle it, anyway. And go figure it out.